Lifestyle can be such an odd word when referring to products or services, but sometimes it's truly the closest word to fit. How do you want to curate your life? It's that simple. Everyone creates their lives consciously or unconsciously through family, work, and community, peppered with difficulty and conflict, but hopefully packed with love, joy, peace, and happiness.

That joy is where lifestyle and ImagineCarolina intersect.

We want to help you realize your very best life by being your support, cheerleader, coach, and advocate. There are several ever-expanding ways in which we strive to do this.

PlanXassist- Whether you are looking to find the perfect venue for a 50th surprise party or trying to figure out which linens to use on a high top cocktail round, let our years of event experience serve as your guide.

CrateAndLabel- Is all of your stuff covering up your true joy? We can help you get organized and decluttered, leaving you with systems and structures to ensure you stay that way.

BagBoxBow- Maybe you want to develop a product and need some ideas for packaging, or are just looking for a way to make your gift delivery on-point, we have that Assist in the bag! From stationery and typeface, paper and ribbon, boxes and corrugations, stickers and stamps, we can make sure that whatever you are putting out there, it is uniquely YOU!