Due to the amazing support of our friends and clients, we are on a wait list for design services. For now, we are only offering GardenAssist to our real estate clients. We do have limited spots available for our Garden Consultation. If you are interested in what that entails, please reach out so we may be able to tailor something to your needs. Thanks for your interest and patience.

You don't have to be stuck with the label that we give ourselves of brown thumb. There is a little gardener in all of us, just waiting to be set free. ImagineCarolina is please to offer GardenAssist, one of our many consulting options to help you navigate your way to the outdoor oasis of which you've always dreamed.

Through GardenAssist, we will do an examination of your outdoor space, check out your soil, your sun exposure, water availability, and any special circumstances or needs that are happening. Then, we take time to discover your dreams and needs for outdoor living and pair those dreams with your willingness, availability, and resources to care for and maintain this vision. We create a plan, oftentimes staged over the course of several seasons, to develop this dream. We not only help by taking some of the responsibility, but we teach along the way. We believe that the more you know your garden, the more you love it. We love to cultivate lovers of the green.

As with our other Assist options, we cherish our relationships in community with the many talented professionals in our ProNetReferral group. If your project is outside of our scope, or we feel like your needs will be better satisfied by someone else, we will source out that prospective pro, make initial contact and interview to vet. We will even attend that first meeting with you to make sure your vision is fully articulated and understood.

Invite us into your dream to get started on your outdoor oasis today.