• Kitchen Makeover Chip Perry Imagine Carolina Home


    TRUST. If there is one word that best sums up this article it is that single word. Here, I’m talking about my dear client who put her complete trust in me to make the best choices on her behalf to sell her home, but most importantly to be a good steward of her hard-earned savings. I did not take that honor lightly and the responsibility weighed heavily on me to make this transaction as smooth and seamless as possible. The challenge: A 1993 transitional that saw the nurturing of two children and a lifetime of memories. There to observe all the love, virtually untouched in 26 years, was the forest…


    Ticking | My Latest Obsession

    No other fabric says summer to me more than ticking. Ticking, mattress ticking, fabric ticking, or ticking stripe is not a new thing. This sturdy beaut of a fabric has been around for centuries and can neither be seen as fad nor trend. In her humble beginnings, she was used as a covering for mattresses and pillows and given a wax coating, keeping her contents under wraps (usually stuffed with feathers or even straw). She also saw other utilitarian uses as feed sacks and industrial aprons, due to her tight weave, strength, and durability. Now, partially thanks to renowned designer Sister Parish but mostly to its own natural beauty and simplicity,…


    Are you shady? How and why to make a sun/shade map

    It’s midweek and you look at the weekend forecast to see that it’s another scorcher. You are longing for those days a few months back, when you could plant a few things here and there, finishing the day on the back deck with a glass of something cold. Instead, one foot outside and sweat is in your eyes, bugs are on your back, and you are two seconds away from a heat stroke. In the gardening world, there seems to be only two things you can do this time of year in the Carolinas, weed and water. Both are exhausting and about as torturous as waiting for homemade ice cream…