Imagine Carolina is pleased to offer full real estate brokerage services in North Carolina to our clients. Thrilled to be a part of the Nestlewood Realty team, located in Plaza Midwood, Chip and the team at Nestlewood can offer you endless support in your real estate transaction. Whether you are searching for your first home, looking to build a custom home, or wanting to list your current home, we can help make the process pleasurable with confidence.


Here are just a few ways that Imagine Carolina helps to make the buying and selling process more comfortable and effective to get you into the dream as soon as possible.

  • Our ListAssist service (also available to other Brokers and firms) extends our interior and exterior consulting arm of Imagine Carolina, geared to maximize your sale by making your property the most desirable in your target market. Part design, part data, we analyze sales comps and finishes to find why and how other properties are performing. Our goal is to help you see the vision that potential buyers are seeing, and to craft that vision to sell.
  • EyeSnap is our determined and perfected approach to the listing. We team with professional photographers and videographers to ensure that your online presence not only invites but demands buyers to come for a showing.
  • We enlist our friends through ProNetAssist, our network of scouted inspectors, contractors, vendors, and skilled artisans to either get you ready for a sale or help you prepare for a buy.
  • Our RenoReady service, while mostly used for our investor clients, can help our traditional home buyers with the feasibility of renovations and budgeting. Positioned as a liaison between owner, contractor, architects and interior designers, RenoReady helps our clients determine if a project is even possible before they get too deep into commitments with budgets and professionals.


If your search takes you out of the area, for an investment property, vacation rental, or maybe a relocation, we can assist by matching you up with an experienced agent who is local and an expert to that region to ensure you receive the best service available. It's called our AgentAssist program. Not only will we search for and vet agents for you, we will accompany you to your first meeting to make sure any questions are answered and you feel completely confident in the new relationship with the procured agent.

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Available to Brokers and firms is ListAssist, a service offered to our clients as readiness consulting on interiors, exteriors, and gardens geared to maximize your sell by making your property the most desirable in your target market. ReImagineHome is a digital re-vision of a home's exterior, showing its potential for true curb appeal. ReImagineHome can be seen on our blog or on listings in the Charlotte market.  It is a perfect service for a home that needs a little help to show its true potential to a prospective buyer, maybe one that lacks current curb appeal. 

ReImagineHome is a great way to help a prospective buyer see the potential of your listing.

AgentAssist is our service (described above) that matches our current and referral clients with amazing Brokers around the Charlotte area, Carolina region, and country. We often like to attend the first meeting, just to ensure a smooth transition for our buyers or sellers. Any fees for AgentAssist are paid through and are part of standard referral fees, so agents find it to be an added-value service that helps them do what they do best, just more efficiently at the outset. 

RenoReady can be a great help to agents who aren't as versed in renovation projects but who have clients looking for a fixer upper. We can work with you and your client at showing appointments to quickly evaluate homes, budgets, and timelines for potential purchases, bridging the gap between viable and nonviable properties and their prices. While RenoReadyAssist does not replace architectural drawings, contractors' bids, or interior designers, it is intended to save time and money to find the good fit properties.  At the end, we can work with you to provide contacts for the professional services needed to make the purchases marketable.

As you may be able to tell, Imagine Carolina is community connective and collaborative.  We believe that life and work are best when shared with others. Our best product is never a result of our solo work, but our shared projects where our clients and their needs are paramount. If you are interested in working together, learning together and growing together, reach out to us today!

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